About Us


Our Mission

Turkonnect is built on trust and expertise. Our core value is; quality is determination, personality and flexibility. It is our founding purpose to transfer our knowledge and experience to our customers all over the world, to grow and develop together.


Reliability, commitment and long-term partnerships are a big part of the way we do business. We fulfill our promises and commitments honestly and reliably.


We are happy to take the time to understand your position, your company and your goals: this is our guiding principle for the mission. At this stage, it will become clear with whom you will work, because you will choose the right companion for you.


We like to work in an open, structured and transparent way.


Whether it's about business matching, selling your product or management consulting: we always focus on business objectives and choose the most effective combinations or recommendations to give you the best service.


Our services go further than resolving a strategic issue or mediating negotiations. The unique thing about our company is that during business matching, we look for potential investors and buyers for your product or service at an early stage. Thanks to our extensive network and our own investment company, we can quickly realize successful trading for your company.

Mutual Respect

The company will operate more effectively when everyone respects each other's positions and responsibilities.


Our knowledge and experience, especially in the social, economic and technological fields, can vary significantly depending on the region and can have important and effective results for your company.

Sustainable partnerships

We need to enter into a joint venture for the long-term protection of the company, increasingly. We offer the opportunity to establish a joint venture where we will act on behalf of your company for a lasting relationship and successful sales.

We aim to provide reliable, up-to-date information to your company. We are happy to advise and guide you on complex matters and can act as a managing partner on behalf of your management. from the first moment. From the very first moment you will experience that we are personal, committed and committed to delivering results for your business.